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DIGITAL HEALTH 2019 will offer you an amazing blend of visionary leaders embracing unforeseen business models and novel technologies to shake the foundations of the industry. This event boosts a stunning speaker line-up with 40 speakers and attendance of 500+ professional peers.
The agenda of this event will focus on the co-operation opportunities and partnerships between all the players in private and public sector.  

WEDNESDAY 6.2.2019

Bright Digital Health Ecosystems

Nordic Digital Health Ecosystem
MODERATOR Ella Kanninen 
Responding to Health Policy and Complex Regulations
Kaisla Joutsenniemi, Medical Director, Mehiläinen
  • Ensuring quality care and patient safety
  • Engaging with consumers and improving the patient experience
Data-driven Precision Medicine – Opportunities and Challenges
Jaakko Lähteenmäki, Principal Scientist, VTT
  • Secondary use of health and social services data
  • Use case: pharmacogenomics
  • How to improve data access and exploitation?
PANEL: Next Level Hospitals – Revolutionizing Patient Care
Moderator: Aki Koivistoinen, Ambassador, StartupHealth, Europe & Israel
Maria Lavonen, CEO, Vivago
Sally Järvelä, Head of Division, Tampere University Hospital
Matti Ahola, CIO, Kymsote
  • Long-term solutions to minimize inpatient services
  • A data-driven approach to optimize resources
  • Change Management for the Digital Transformation
10:20 BREAK
Data-driven Transformation in Healthcare: Tangible Examples of Data Utilization
Timo Erkkilä, PhD Bioinformatics and Predictive analytics, Lead data analyst, Tieto Intelligent Wellbeing
  • How to transform siloed, scattered and unstructured data in to usable source of insight and innovation
  • Two successful cases of efficient data utilization
    • ​Case Espoo: data on healthcare service usage and demographics in City of Espoo predict future risks
    • Case LähiTapiola: impact analytics of digital and traditional healthcare services
Empowering Health Content for Better Choices and Wellbeing
Tuuli Toivainen, CBO of Health business, A-lehdet
  • Providing smart platform for consumer need to find and understand information needed when managing health
  • Coaching healthy lifestyle and habits with professional and engaging health content
  • Developing smart patient care paths with a health hub of content,  health services and eCommerce
Advancing Digital Health Through the Power of Collaboration
Aki Koivistoinen, Ambassador, StartupHealth, Europe & Israel
  • Top Trends in Digital Health Funding
  • Key Steps to Partnering with Digital Healthcare Startups
12:10 LUNCH

Digital Health Ecosystem Strategies
Finland's Next Export: AIs Pre-Trained Using National Healthcare Data
Mika Torhola, Managing Director, Atostek
  • Artificial intelligence will revolutionize healthcare
  • Finland has a large national repository of healthcare data (Kanta) that could be used to train AIs and establish a significant new export
Pirkko Proves That It Is Possible to Improve the Mental Health Services Using Existing Resources!
Matti Kaivosoja, Medical Director at Central Ostrobothnia
Hospital District

Kalle Horjamo, CEO, Solutos
  • People’s health will benefit.  Pirkko – a tool for change − turns care plans into effective treatment that is structured, measurable and evidence-based.
  • CASE: Soite, Kokkola, Finland. -> The first results from the clinical change process with the help of Pirkko.
  • It’s all in the Family. In most cases it’s not just the patient you should care for but also their family members. Pirkko enables the care for the whole family.
PANEL: Breaking Down the Data Silos
Moderator: Ossi Laukkanen, Director, eHealth, Mehiläinen
Nina Nissilä, Director, Centre for ICT Services, 

The Social Insurance Institution (Kela)

Pia Hardy, Partner, McKinsey & Company, Sweden
  • Who owns and controls the data and how can it be shared safely and flow freely across the health spectrum?
  • How healthcare can benefit from data integration, unintegrated data offers little to no value
  • Creating efficient digital pathways and getting data to where the decision making processes are taking place.

14:25 BREAK

KEYNOTE: AI is transforming Healthcare 
Kristin-Anne Rutter, Partner, McKinsey & Company, UK
Pia Hardy, Partner, McKinsey & Company, Sweden
  • AI’s global annual value creation potential in healthcare is 370 billion USD
  • AI is finally being introduced at scale in healthcare
  • But Europe is falling behind the US and China – how do we change this?
KEYNOTE: The Future of Nations States
Kaspar Korjus, Former Managing Director, e-Recidency, Estonia (TEDx)
  • The Role of a Nation State in Today’s Changing World Through the Example of e-Residency

THURSDAY 7.2.2019

Healthcare Services in a Smarter Society

Digital Transformation in Healthcare
MODERATOR Ella Kanninen 
KEYNOTE: How We Will Beat Aging
Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer at the SENS Foundation (TEDx)
  • The seven causes of aging
  • The future of treatments and the concept of longevity escape velocity
How e-Commerce in Healthcare Is Delivering Real Change – a Case Study of the NHS in the UK
Phil Bailey, Manager Healthcare, Pagero Group, UK
  • European landscape in healthcare and converging regulation
  • Robotics, AI and self-learning in eCommerce
  • How going digital results in happier hospitals and safer patients
  • Using data to enhance your customer relationships and getting a return on investment as a supplier
Good Digital Healthcare Does Not Leave People Alone
Arto Leppisaari, CEO, Movendos
  • A modern healthcare service path improves access to right care at the right time and leaves more time for human to human contact
  • Remote health coaching happens actually very near - case results show the impact
10:15 BREAK
CASE: The Understanding of Customer and Employee Experiences Is the Key to the Successful Service Development
Anu Kallio, CEO, Rinnekoti-Säätiö
  • Emotions tracking is essential in human to human services
  • How technology can help in emotions tracking?
Healthcare Transformation to Personalized Care
Maria Lavonen, CEO, Vivago Ltd
Achim Hager, CEO, HFO Holding AG, Germany
  • Digital Disruption in Healthcare – IoMT (Internet of Medical Things)
  • Integrating Healthcare processes and real-time data analytics
  • Practical strategies implementing Digital Health
  • e-Health in Germany, case Vivago & Vitatel GmbH
The Future of Medical Remote Monitoring in the 5G Era
Pekka Pirttiaho, Director, Medical Technologies, Bittium
  • Remote medical monitoring is one of the fastest growing medical device and service segments in the world. What does 5G connectivity bring in to the equation?
  • Does AI pave the way to productivity for healthcare organizations?
  • What is the role of data protection and secure communication in medical remote monitoring?

Digitalization of Care Pathways - Lessons Learned from TAYS Valkeakoski

Jussi Määttä, CEO, Buddy Healthcare

  • What are the key drivers in providing digital care?

  • How to successfully deploy new patient facing digital solutions?

  • Do patients ask for digital?

12:10 LUNCH
Digital healthcare: How disruptive will it be? Riding the Disruption Wave in Healthcare

Compliant Development of Digital Health Care 

Services – Navigating the Legal Waters

Iiris Kivikari, Senior Attorney, Dittmar & Indrenius
  • The typical legal pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Implementing patient data protection into your service

The Future of Digital Health: Understanding our Genomes unlocks Precision Medicine
Jussi Paananen, CTO, Blueprint Genetics
  • Genetics play a major role in people's health and well-being. 
  • Modern genetic technologies produce massive amounts of data that needs to be analyzed and interpreted. 
  • AI/ML technologies have the promise of enabling this kind of precision medicine on a scale and with increased quality.
KEYNOTE: The Structure of a Digital Health Encounter – Tools for enhancing the patient and provider experience
David Thompson, CEO, Health Navigator, USA
  • Digital health and telemedicine: natural language processing, multi-lingual e-Visit documentation checklists, triage and diagnosis symptom checking
  • How data can be used to build and deliver AI tools
  • What several Health Navigator partners are doing in digital health to enhance and transform the patient and provider experience
  • Health bots, web-based symptom checkers, Alexa voice application and other omni-channel technologies